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At °degree, we are a community of like-minded individuals who are looking to get more out of life.  We want to feel our best, look our best and be our best.  There aren’t enough hours in the day, so what do we do? Get more out of those hours.  We want more energy and less pain. We want to detox our body and our mind from the stressors of modern life. We want faster recovery from workouts and injuries, and we want to slow the signs of aging.  We understand that if we feel better on the inside, then we’ll look better on the outside.  We know that as good as we are when walk in here, we’ll be even better when we walk out.

Come into one of our studios and let our highly trained team help you create the self-care routine that’s right for you.

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(Yes, that’s a thing.)

And you’ll feel it as soon as you step inside ºdegree Wellness®.  From our clean and calming aesthetic to the healing and re-energizing Himalayan Salt Wall in our Energy Room, a few minutes with us will profoundly enhance all the other minutes in your day.

Your best self called and wants you to make an appointment, like now. We’re ready when you are.