Take Your Vitamins Right with IV Therapy by Degree 

Why should I do IV Therapy (aka, IV Drip or Hydration Therapy)? I already take vitamins and eat well.
Sure, we all take a multi-vitamin. And maybe we take some other oral supplements. But did you know that you’re not getting everything advertised on the bottle? Scientists use a term called bioavailability. It’s a fancy way to say how much of something your body absorbs. Any vitamin, supplement or pill that’s swallowed typically has less than 50% bioavailability – sometimes as little as 10%. That means your supplements may only be doing a small fraction of their job!


How much of a pill we absorb depends on our genetics – are we predisposed to a “leaky gut” or autoimmune issues. It depends on our diet (sugar, gluten and alcohol especially!). And it depends on certain environmental factors. Many aspects of modern life can lead to lower absorption and bioavailability of oral supplements.


But IVs (or intravenous therapy, if we’re being precise) have 100% bioavailability. And because IVs deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream – bypassing the digestive system and intestinal tract – they are absorbed more quickly. That means you’ll feel the benefits of an IV right away!


IVs can be expensive and time-consuming. Often available only by appointment at a hospital or healthcare facility. But Degree is making IVs easy and affordable! Plus Members benefit from even greater savings. Our IVs and Boosters are specially formulated and doctor recommended. No matter what your goals, Degree has an IV ready to help you!

IV Vitamin Drips

No time for an IV? Get your nutrients in a one-stop shot with a Booster

Energy Boost (Vitamin B12) Metabolism Boost (Lipo-B12) Detox Boost (Glutathione) Immunity Boost (Vitamin D3)

Give your body what it needs with IVs and Boosters at Degree Wellness®.

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