What a Breath of Fresh Air.

Feel better, be smarter and get healthier just by breathing.

Oxygen is the “fuel” our body uses at the cellular level to accomplish vital metabolic processes. What science has discovered is that – subject to proper use and supervision – more oxygen is better. ºdegree Wellness is excited to offer our Members and clients the ability to improve their health and well-being through our Oxygen Bar in an easy, affordable and accessible environment.

We offer 10-minute individual Oxygen Therapy sessions to both our Members and customers.  Choose whether you want to use unscented oxygen or to pair it with one of our all-natural, herbal aromatherapies.  Members can also “stack” Oxygen Therapy with our other services, like Compression, Dry Float and Red Light therapies.

Breathing Never Sounded So Good.

Take it from us, Oxygen Therapy should be an essential component in your Self-Care and Wellness ritual. Below are just some of the benefits:

  • Anti-Aging: scientific studies show that oxygen therapy can reduce the signs of aging at the cellular level by 25 years by lengthening telomeres and reducing senescent “zombie” cells.
  • Pain Management: oxygen therapy has been clinically shown to improve both chronic pain and acute conditions (including headaches!) by reducing inflammation and accelerating healing in soft tissue and muscle injuries.
  • Fitness Recovery: athletes from Michael Phelps to Lebron James use oxygen therapy to enhance post-workout recovery and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Brain Health: increased cerebral blood flow improves cognition.  Recent studies have shown this is especially true for aging adults who showed significant improvement in attention, information processing speed and executive functions.

ºdegree Wellness of Jacksonville offers both stand-along Oxygen Therapy sessions, as well as “stacked” Oxygen Therapy added to certain other services. Contact us for more information or schedule your appointment today!

How It Works

Our Oxygen Therapy:

  • Delivers 95% pure oxygen
  • Provides up to 6 liters of oxygen per minute
  • Prioritizes hygiene, using individual, single-use inhalation hoses
  • Is FDA compliant and CE approved

Advanced Technology. Advanced Results.®

Feel better, be smarter and get healthier with Oxygen Therapy at ºdegree Wellness®.