Metabolism & Weight Management Services at Degree Wellness

It’s one thing to look in a mirror and see your reflection. A totally different thing to see the stunning, can’t-stop-admiring yourself ‘you’ that you always knew was there.

If you’re like most of us, when you’re stressed – you eat. When you want to celebrate – you eat. When you’re doing mindless binge watching (it’s ok, we all do) – you eat. Add to those habits the complexities of hormones and daily life and it’s no wonder we carry around a few more pounds than we’d like.

That’s why at Degree Wellness, we can’t wait for you to experience our proven methods to help you discover renewed health and self confidence; after all, that’s the best reflection of your true beauty.

Tell those numbers on the scale to chill out and let the extreme temperatures of Full Body Cryotherapy move that number in the right direction. When the chilled air reaches temperatures as low as -220ºF, it boosts blood circulation for higher metabolic and calorie-burn rate (up to 800 calories from a 3-minute session), while also increasing the level of endorphins, which can elevate mood and reduce stress. (And yes, it takes just 3 minutes! That’s more calories than a 45-minute run!).

If you’re ready to lose weight while renewing yourself – mind and body – then the Infrared Saunas at Degree Wellness are just for you. One, relaxing 30-minute session has been shown to release your body of toxins, stimulate collagen, burn up to 600 calories, de-stress and even reduce blood pressure and decrease pain. Work up a ‘good sweat’ all while sitting down and emerge a better, healthier you.

When you lose the weight, you gain a whole new outlook.
Jumpstart yours today at ºdegree Wellness.