Go Straight to the Source for Pain Relief with Localized Cryotherapy.

Joint pain at a specific spot on your knee? Sometimes you need to go straight to the source and when you do, the Localized Cryotherapy sessions at Degree Wellness are ready to take aim.

Using the same sub-zero temperatures as Full Body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy sessions give specific areas of your body the special attention they need. And with each session lasting only 5 minutes, you’ll see and feel results in no time.

For relief from pain due to injury or inflammation, Localized Cryotherapy –

  • Allows localized targeting of a specific area
  • Delivers cryogenically cooled air to penetrate deeper into the layers of tissue
  • Increases blood circulation to alleviate pain and speed-up recovery

Still not sure how it works? Watch this video to learn more! You can also learn more about the specific ways that Localized Cryotherapy can help using the links below.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Localized Cryotherapy.

Advanced Technology. Advanced Results.®

Give joint pain the deep freeze with Localized Cryotherapy at Degree Wellness®.