It’s O.K. Go Ahead. Give In to the Pressure with the Healing Massage of Normatec Compression Massage.

Most of us think of massage as a way to pamper ourselves. But what if it went beyond indulgence to an essential technique for overall health and recovery? Now it does and you can experience a science-designed massage any time you like with Normatec Compression Massage by at Degree Wellness.

What is Compression Massage?

Just as anyone, regardless of fitness level, can benefit from a massage, the same holds true for Normatec Compression Massage. Each session lasts 30 minutes and delivers advanced results including:

Normatec is the leader in rapid recovery and its benefits have been lauded by ESPN, Shape, The New York Times, Triathlete Magazine and even Wired who described the technology as, “pro-level training tools for weekend warriors.”

Normatec Compression Massage is the new go-to for endurance athletes, collegiate and pro teams as well as anyone dedicated to overall health and fitness. Best of all, it feels soooo relaxing. Who would thought you could get all these benefits just by…sitting for a massage!

Specifically, Degree Wellness offers you the PULSE Recovery System that uses a patented pulse massage pattern of compressed air, simulating a deep tissue massage for your legs, hips or arms, mobilizing blood flow and speeding recovery.

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Advanced Technology. Advanced Results.®

From post-workout recovery to physical therapy rehabilitation. Maintaining peak wellness or just enjoy a relaxing massage. Come see how you can elevate your game – and your health – with Normatec Compression Massage at Degree Wellness®.