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Often referred to as the “The Molecule of Youth”, “The Fountain of Youth” or just “Youth Gene”, NAD+ is emerging as one of the most popular, science-backed options to improve energy and vitality. A growing list of evidence shows that NAD IV Therapy unlocks tremendous benefits for mental and physical health. It’s no wonder doctors recommend NAD+ and celebrities and athletes do it. Now Degree Wellness is bringing it to Jacksonville! So what is NAD+?


NAD+ is a type of molecule called a coenzyme, and it is at the center of our body’s metabolic processes. NAD+ is vital for the creation of energy in the body and regulation of our longevity. NAD+ (short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) impacts everything from our mental health, energy, weight, fertility, appearance, inflammation, pain, the onset of diseases and ultimately our lifespan!

Health and wellness expert Dr. Rhonda Patrick explains the myriad benefits of NAD! FoundMyFitness®

Unfortunately as we age, NAD+ levels in the body decline. Scientists have found that lower levels of NAD+ can lead to neurodegenerative disorders, fatigue, slowing metabolism and increased cancer risk. While certain so-called precursors can be obtained via diet, NAD+ itself cannot. So supplementation is required to maintain optimal NAD+ levels. This is why Degree is so excited to offer NAD IV Therapy! Our doctor-recommended NAD+ makes the benefits of this breakthrough protocol accessible to our customers!

What You Can Expect During Your NAD IV Therapy

  • Different IV vitamins and nutrients require different amounts of time to be administered. NAD+ is on the longer end. Please allocate up to ~1 hour for your Starter NAD appointment, and ~2 hours for your Pro NAD (though some people are able to drip faster).
  • While most feel perfectly fine during NAD IV Therapy, some may experience mild discomfort, which can include light nausea, headaches, anxiousness, or sensation in the chests or muscles. Typically, a slower drip will alleviate any such feelings. For most, any such sensations cease after the IV administration is complete. Degree offers medication to help counteract any such discomfort.
  • Since NAD+ is utilized in the body’s daily metabolic processes, we recommend regular administration. Our members enjoy valuable savings in order to make NAD+ a part of their ongoing health and wellness routine!
  • Many people find once a month NAD+ supplementation to be ideal. For others, more frequent usage is best. Degree offers customers NAD+ as frequently as three times per per week.

NAD by Degree Wellness: Energy for Life®

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