Red Light Therapy (PBM) FAQs

The short answer is that our cells get an energy boosts when they absorb natural light, especially red wavelengths at 660 nm and near infrared wavelengths at 850 nm. A large base of clinical research has found that this leads to enhanced ATP energy production, increased collagen production, reduced oxidative stress, faster muscle recovery, and a lot more natural health benefits.

Each session is 15 minutes.

That depends on your goals and current condition. In general, acute injuries (sprains, abrasions, etc.) show rapid improvement and often resolve in 2-4 treatments. Long-term and chronic conditions may need up to 10 treatments to show significant benefits. Most clients do 3 times per week until their goals are met, then reduce to 1-2 times per week for maintenance. For athletes with a rigorous workload, 3-5 times per week is recommended for optimal recovery.

No, treatment is non-toxic, non-invasive, and has no side effects. It is safe and effective for most people.

Treatment is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: pregnancy, epilepsy, active cancer lesions, and anyone taking photosensitive medications.

Most users prefer to Joovv in the nude. Delivering natural light to more surface area of your body leads to better light therapy outcomes, but full nudity is not required for effective use. Lighter garments (underwear, bras, and socks) may be worn without hampering a treatment, though the covered areas not exposed directly to the light won’t receive any benefits.

No. The wavelength of red and near-infrared light is actually healthy for your eyes. You may want to close them and take a nap, though.

Remove all jewelry that could refract light. Remove as much makeup as possible, and limit the use of lotions, especially ones with light-blocking agents. Hydration is vital to the success of the treatments, so please drink water throughout the day!

The lights themselves do not become warm; however your circulation increases throughout the treatment, so you may experience a feeling of warmth. A quick energy boost or feeling of euphoria is also possible.

Hydrate! Water is essential for cellular processes, and your cells will be hard at work after PBM. Make sure to drink extra water and eat well so your cells have all the fuel they need to heal.

Pain levels for acute or chronic conditions, improvements in color or texture of scars, improvements in skin texture and tone, quality of sleep, energy levels, recovery time post workout, and energy levels throughout the day are all good markers to track success.

Clinical studies have shown light therapy to be safe and efficacious. However, if you’re considering using it with children, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.