Working out requires lots of motivation and when the results we want to see don’t automatically appear it can become difficult to continue. It sometimes seems like no amount of running leads to a slender physique and no amount of weight training results in toned muscles. When situations like these arise it’s often because the quality of exercise is looked over in favor of quantity and because not enough attention is given to recovery. Here are three tips to ensure that you’re making the most of your time spent at the gym.


When it comes to setting goals for exercise most revolve around a period of time rather than the quality of exercise itself. For example, most people set their work out schedule based on how many minutes they want to spend at the gym over the course of the week. This approach may result in spending lots of time at the gym but it won’t necessarily result in the best outcome. After working out for 30 – 40 minutes it is difficult to maintain the level of exertion that was initially used because the body naturally begins to tire after this amount of time. Working out past this limit won’t produce desired results because the muscles will no longer be worked in the same manner they were initially. Therefore it’s best to keep workouts short 20 – 30 minutes maximum and ensure that high intensity is maintained during that time.


Have you began to get sick of doing the same workout routine over and over again? Not only does doing one workout continuously tire you out mentally, it also bores your muscles. When the body becomes accustomed to do doing one type of exercise it loses its impact. Be it running, bicycling, swimming, or weight lifting, no workout is dynamic enough on its own to challenge your body on a daily basis. That’s why it’s crucial to alternate your workout routine every few days. Don’t just focus on cardio or weight training. Switch back and forth between both and experiment with different types of exercise that you wouldn’t normally do. By keeping your workouts dynamic your muscles will always be surprised by what’s coming next.


Effectiveness in exercise doesn’t just stop at the gym. Recovery is a huge component of exercise. Without a proper recovery working out wears out your muscles overtime. Using a proper method such as cryotherapy to recover after a workout allows the muscles to go back to maximum capacity the next day. Exposing muscles to the cold temperatures accessible only in cryotherapy chambers allows the body to produce anti-inflammatory properties which results in quicker recovery time, it also reduces soreness and boosts energy and performance.

Say goodbye to ineffective workouts, with these tips you’ll be seeing incredible results in no time!