You’re constantly hearing about the next big thing when it comes to beauty treatments. Celebrities boast about the latest natural procedures that they use to stay camera-ready, but how do you know who’s telling the truth and which treatments actually work?

Check out how to improve skin complexion naturally, without the need of risky botox injections or invasive cosmetic surgeries. Cryotherapy is the best kept secret in the beauty world, helping men and women all over the world to look and feel amazing.

What Happens to our Skin as We Age?

All kinds of different environmental and artificial factors can affect our skin’s health. As we age, our skin becomes prone to wrinkles, spots, blemishes and fine lines. The skin naturally begins to harden and age spots begin to develop. Suppleness and strength is lost, leading to damage and negative effects.

As we get older, we’ll also notice that we bruise and bleed a little more easily. The healing process can become very slow at this stage which is why it’s important to look after our skin throughout our lives.

All of this is due to:

  • Loss of elastic tissue (elastin and collagen)
  • Thinning of the epidermis (surface layer of the skin)
  • Decrease in the production of collagen
  • Breakdown of elastin in the skin
  • Flattening of the area where the epidermis and dermis (the layer under the epidermis) meet
  • Thinner blood vessel walls

Of course our skin ages and changes over time as it has to deal with the stress of everyday life, but there are some choices that we make that can have a harmful impact, like sun beds, smoking and a poor diet.


Alongside many other health issues, smoking can lead to an increase in the number of wrinkles on a person’s face. Regular smokers experience premature aging with non-smokers looking 1.4 years younger on average. Smoking restricts our blood supply, denying the much needed oxygen that our skin needs to stay supple and healthy. This can lead to stretch marks, scarring and psoriasis. A good night’s sleep does wonders for our skin but smokers are more likely to feel unrested, leading to bags under the eyes and the skin losing its natural glow.

UV Exposure

We all love spending time in the sun but without the right clothing or sunscreen, our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays. These rays dry out areas of unprotected skin and take away the skin’s supply of natural oils. Too much sun can result in dry skin, sunburn and more serious skin conditions if you aren’t careful. Your skin will be red and sore and you might even develop actinic keratosis which are small patches of sun-damaged skin that change color. This can be treated with cryotherapy as the affected damaged skin is frozen off. Long-term sun exposure can reduce the production of the skin’s collagen which provides its elasticity. This can cause skin to age more rapidly, if not dealt with. Sun-beds use the same UV rays as natural sunlight so they carry the same risks if you are exposed to them for long periods of time. While trying to get the perfect tan, you’re actually being exposed to harmful radiation which causes your skin to look wrinkled, leathery and coarse.

Diet and Alcohol

Diet can also have a significant impact on the health of our skin. Eating foods that are high in sugar or hydrogenated fats like biscuits and fast foods can dehydrate our skin and reduce elasticity. All of your favorite can harm your skin over time. Milk, cheese, coffee, processed meats, artificial sweeteners and potatoes are just some of the worst offenders when not consumed in moderation. Alcohol is especially bad for our skin, robbing our bodies of important vitamins through dehydration. Excessive alcohol consumption can deplete us of the magnesium and zinc that our skin needs to fight off premature aging. There are lots of things that harm our skin but there are some steps we can take to help. Cryotherapy treatments can rejuvenate and revitalize skin, giving you back your radiant glow and firm complexion.

The Science Behind Cryotherapy Facials

Cryotherapy can produce amazing results for your face, including a reduction in wrinkles and tightening of the skin. But how does it work?

Cryogenically cooled air is used to lower the temperature of the chamber. This causes the skin’s surface temperature to reach well below freezing in a matter of minutes. As the body rapidly cools, blood vessels that are part of the microcirculation blood stream tighten.

This process is known as vasoconstriction and causes the blood in your body to rush towards your vital organs in an attempt to protect them. The blood is rich in oxygen and nutrition, helping to flush away unwanted toxins and impurities.

The lowering of the body’s temperature forces the body to produce more collagen. Collagen is the most commonly found protein in our bodies, giving our skin its strength and elasticity. Production of collagen naturally slows as we age but cryotherapy can help to kick-start its creation.

Even though your body is in no actual danger, the body responds to the drop in temperature by trying to repair the outer layer of skin. This trick results in an increase in the production of collagen which results in firmer skin and a reduction in wrinkles.

Cold-therapy isn’t a new treatment and can be sourced all the way back to the time of the Romans who would immerse themselves into freezing cold Frigidariums to help close pores and as relief from the hot Italian sun. Although temperatures in cryotherapy chambers can drop below -166 degrees Fahrenheit, the process is completely safe. You might feel an odd sensation as the perspiration on your skin freezes and your body enters fight or flight mode, but you’re in no real danger.

Recent studies have even found that cryotherapy can help to ease some of the painful symptoms associated with skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Eczema and psoriasis are incurable but cryotherapy offers a new solution to sooth painful skin. Eczema sufferers often use steroid creams or UV rays to ease rashes but cryotherapy offers a better solution that can boost the body’s immune system. This means that painful rashes heal faster.

Whole body cryotherapy was found to relieve itching in sufferers of dermatitis in a study carried out in Finland. Those that took part in the study found that cryotherapy significantly reduced their itching, helping to improve their sleep patterns which were being affected by this symptom.

The Benefits for Your Skin

Sessions of cryotherapy can have amazing results for your skin. The increase in the production of collagen leads to tighter skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

No matter how hard you try, there are be some areas of your body that might be difficult to  improve, leaving you feeling insecure and unhappy – but cryotherapy can help. Whole body cryotherapy can tighten and improve the elasticity of your skin, particularly in areas that aren’t affected by sessions in the gym or dieting solely.
Many of us are looking to reverse the effects of aging on our faces and hate the wrinkles, crow’s feet and dry skin that we’ve developed over time. Cryotherapy leads to fuller, rejuvenated skin on your face and around your eyes, helping to combat the effects of aging.

The cold temperatures cause the pores in our skin to shrink as they desperately try to conserve heat. As they contract, they make it harder for dirt and toxins to enter, helping to retain your skin’s natural oils to keep it healthy and clear.

Repeat sessions can help to reduce puffiness around your eyes and trigger the lymphatic system. This is the process that the body uses to expel toxins from our bodies. As time passes, it slows, causing a loss of elasticity. Cryotherapy ensures the lymphatic system is working, flushing away unwanted toxins, soothing inflammation and reducing any redness. Within minutes, some results might include a reduction in blemishes and wrinkles on your face.

In addition to the physical improvements caused by cryotherapy, having just one treatment can improve our mental state too. Although not a cure for any mental health issues, cryotherapy causes a rush of endorphins. This natural high leaves you feeling amazing and full of energy, perfect if you’re heading to the gym or an important business meeting.

Cryotherapy treatments are perfect for both men and women, helping to combat the effects of aging that both have to go through. Men develop wrinkles, laugh lines and crow’s feet as well as women and care just as much about the health and appearance of their skin.

Safe and Natural

Botox and cosmetic surgeries are invasive and often have negative side effects. Cryotherapy is a cost-effective treatment that is closer to visiting a spa than a hospital.

Depending on your treatment, you’ll be asked to wear mittens, socks, slippers and a headband to protect your extremities from the cold. You might think that stepping into a sub-zero chamber comes with many risks, but if you follow the advice of expert consultants, the whole process is incredibly safe and risk-free. Once the session is finished, you’re able to leave immediately without having to worry about post-treatment care or having to arrange being picked up by a loved one. This saves you time, money and allows you to instantly get on with the rest of your day.

Unlike chemical treatments, cryotherapy offers a completely natural solution to your beauty needs, helping to improve the complexion of your skin without introducing artificial substances. Vitamin supplements and prescription medicine are unproven when it comes to improving skin complexion. Some beauty blogs offer supplements as amazing alternatives to cosmetic surgery but this has no backing from the scientific community. The idea that supplements are a miracle cure that can fix all of our mental and physical problems is completely redundant.

Botox can help to make lines and wrinkles less obvious on the face and are a common alternative to cosmetic surgery. Each injection has risks and dangers that you need to think about. There’s no guarantee that the injections will give you the results you want and only targets very specific areas of the face, avoiding the eyelids for example. You can experience flu-like symptoms, bruising and temporary facial weakness. Your body will eventually develop resistance to the treatment so botox is only a short-term fix. Always make sure your cryotherapy treatments are carried out by registered, fully-trained practitioners who can answer any questions you may have and ensure the treatment is completed correctly.

Find Out More About the Benefits of Cryotherapy

°degree Wellness’ consultants can have an initial meeting with you to explain cryotherapy in detail. During this meeting, we can determine the problem areas you would like to focus and offer suggested treatments that will have the most significant impact. Each person requires different solutions so we make sure to understand your specific wants and needs.

Our facials are specifically designed to leave your skin looking radiant and feeling fantastic. Offering more benefits than a normal spa treatment and less invasive than surgery, the facial treatments use innovative methods and state-of-the-art equipment to produce immediate results.

For more information on the treatments that °degress Wellness offers and how to improve skin complexion naturally with state-of-the-art cryotherapy, don’t hesitate to look at our educational page.