Physical and mental health are often distinguished from each other despite the fact that the two go hand in hand. How one feels physically has a tremendous impact on one’s mental wellbeing. Exercise, diet and lifestyle affect our mental and physical wellbeing. By now it’s possible that you’ve heard of the numerous benefits cryotherapy provides for the body. It erases signs of aging, boosts the metabolism, and aids in recovery from workouts just to name a few. What’s lesser known is the fact that cryotherapy has an equally positive impact on one’s mental health.

Cryotherapy is a natural substitute of sorts for your traditional shot of espresso! Let’s face it, most people are addicted to their morning cup of coffee or tea because of the energy and clarity it provides first thing in the morning. Cryotherapy provides the same boost of energy and clarity but it does so by using all natural elements. Unlike espresso and other caffeinated beverages that people turn to in order to get themselves through the day, cryotherapy doesn’t have any negative side effects.

Cryotherapy typically uses cryogenically cooled air at temperatures of -220°F during whole-body sessions. A whole body treatment consists of exposing one’s self to this air for a period of 3 minutes. The temperature may sound extreme but the completely dry air causes no discomfort and actually has a tremendously relaxing effect on the body. The temperature also causes the body to release endorphins, the “feel good” hormone the body releases after exercise. This natural surge of endorphins causes the body to stay positive and energized throughout the entire day. The exposure to the cold also causes a boost in blood circulation which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body.

Not only does cryotherapy give you a mental boost infinitely greater than one provided by a cup of coffee, it flushes out toxins, erases signs of aging, improves elasticity in the skin and boosts the metabolism leaving you feeling younger, fresher, and happier. Starting your day with a cryotherapy session is the only natural way to ensure that you perform at peak levels for the rest of the day. This is one energy boost that won’t leave you feeling jittery and down afterwards.