Have you ever wondered how celebrities do it?  Not only do they flaunt flawless skin every time they walk outside, but they manage to keep and maintain it even with their fast-paced lifestyles.  Meanwhile, breakouts and other skin issues follow us mere mortals around like a bad plague!  What is their secret, and what can we do to experience healthy glowing skin without needing to purchase expensive creams, cleansers and lotions?

Where Do Skin Problems Start?

Getting down to the science of it all, blemishes and other skin problems can originate from a myriad of sources.  For starters, hormonal imbalances can cause acne.  Immune system issues are linked to some forms of psoriasis.  Heredity and genetics are other major skin influences.  Stress can do a number on epidermal tissue. And, of course there is the old “allergic reaction” to stimuli in the environment.

With so much that can go wrong, what can we do to achieve that flawless complexion and glowing skin?

This is where science and beauty meet.

What is the Key to Healthy Glowing Skin?

Interestingly enough, several celebrities use far infrared saunas, including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Anniston, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow just  to name a few.  And all of these lovely ladies have gorgeous glowing skin.

What is the key to healthy glowing skin?  To have a healthy body, of course!  While there are some amazing products out there, I find that when a person’s body and lifestyle are in balance, keeping and maintaining healthy skin is effortless.

Enters the full spectrum infrared sauna.

Keep in mind that a steam sauna and an infrared sauna are two totally different things and work in completely different ways.  A steam sauna warms you up from the outside which helps a person to sweat.  Sweating is good for you, as it helps your body and skin detox, but the best kind of sweating happens from the inside out – the way an infrared sauna works.

How do Infrared Saunas Work?

Much like a steam sauna, an infrared sauna is a small room which is heated.  The way the room is heated, however, differs from a steam sauna.  A FIR Sauna uses an infrared heater which puts off infrared rays which are not only healthy, but they penetrate your skin, warm you up from the inside out and helps pull toxins out from your body via sweating.

Our bodies are approximately 70% water, and when far infrared light are applied to the water in our bodies, it causes the water molecules to vibrate which releases toxins and harmful substances from the molecules.  As we start to sweat after sitting in a far infrared sauna for a while, we are further releasing these toxins from our bodies which results in beautiful and healthy glowing skin.

Benefits of full spectrum infrared saunas?

After one 30-minute session inside an infrared sauna, many people notice that their skin looks more radiant and healthy.  When using a full spectrum infrared sauna, you get near, mid and far infrared rays which offer many other benefits than just beautiful healthy skin.

All About the Skin You’re In

When using any kind of sauna or practicing any kind of exercise routine, it is important to remember to stay hydrated.  Likewise, hydration is a major key to having beautiful glowing skin.  Also, when you sweat, salt and electrolytes are lost in the process and replenishing them is crucial so your body can perform at it’s peak.

In summary, while we are sure that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift use other skin-remedies along with using the full spectrum infrared saunas, keep in mind that your body is a reflection of your state of health. Healthy glowing skin is a by-product of having a healthy body and a healthy state of mind.  So whether you are interested in using a full spectrum infrared sauna for weight loss, to support muscle growth, increase blood circulation, to achieve healthy glowing skin or all of the above, remember to take care of yourself after each session by replenishing your electrolytes and using patented and proved skin care products.

Having healthy skin is not about simply using a single topical product, it is a combination of your whole body’s state of health.  Sure, there are many great products out there which promise fantastic results and have the statistics and studies to back it up, but as a licensed esthetician, we can safely say when a person takes care of their diet, nourishes, purifies and replenishes their system while keeping a balanced lifestyle, having amazing skin is easy to achieve.

In the words of the ancient Roman Poet Virgil, “The greatest wealth is health.”  When you are healthy, you can take on the world, get things done and rock your ability to be productive.  If you go a night with little-to-no sleep or eat junk food a few days in a row and, while you can still function, you aren’t “feeling it.”  This is why staying healthy is so important, healthy glowing skin is just one of the many benefits of it!