There’s no denying it, everyone dreads signs of aging, at some point. It’s completely natural, yet we’re so desperate to escape the notion that we’re getting older. Well, we’ve put together seven natural anti-aging tips that, if all used in conjunction with each other, will no doubt leave you with that youthful glow.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water is vital for improving your skin’s health. Well hydrated skin is fresher and younger looking, while dehydrated skin quickly starts to appear wrinkled and worn.

How it Works

When you drink plenty of water on a daily basis, your skin cells and tissues are constantly replenishing. This constant replenishment means that skin keeps its natural elasticity and moisture. Dehydrated skin allows all the toxins to remain living in your skin causing the outbreaks of acne, blackheads and other blemishes. Plenty of water will flush the bad toxins out of your skin and leave you with a youthful smooth complexion.

2. Go Easy on the Alcohol

Too much alcohol completely dehydrates the skin and leaves it appearing dry and dull. Red spidery veins can also be formed on the cheeks due to excessive drinking. So, the less alcohol that you consume, the better condition that your skin is going to be left in.

How it Works

Red spidery veins are the result of your blood vessels in your face dilating through the consumption of alcohol. And too much drinking could even lead them to being like that permanently. Alcohol depletes your skin of the vital nutrients it needs to keep it looking nice and healthy. Nobody wants their skin to look dry and dull, do they? Alcohol can add years onto even the most youthful face. That might make you think twice about those regular Friday drinks after work.

3. Exercise Regularly

Everybody knows the cardio and weight-related benefits of exercising regularly, but have you ever thought of the positive impact that it can have on your skin? Exercising regularly can leave your skin looking full of life and in peak condition. It also can reduce stress levels and boost your mood which is a major cause of skin looking weathered.

How it Works

Regular exercise increases blood flow and circulation, which means that vital nutrients are being pumped all around your body, including your face. The increase in blood circulation helps flush out toxins in your working cells, which can cause damage to your cells’ proteins. Although toxins aren’t flushed from the body, exercise helps cleanse your mind. This improves your mood, reduces stress and in turn, prevents your skin from looking tired and worn.

4. Improve Your Diet

Do you regularly eat four or five portions of fruit and vegetables daily? If you don’t, you should. By eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, you’re providing your body and skin with the vital nutrients it needs to maximize your skin’s health. This keeps you looking younger.

How it Works

The key nutrients that are in your five a day, support the production of collagen, elastin and overall skin health. Vitamin C, which is found in a lot of fruit and vegetables, aids your collagen production which helps skin stay firm and keep its original elasticity. It’s also known to improve skin tone, which keeps skin looking as healthy as possible.

5. Get More Sleep

This is possibly the easiest way to control your skin’s health. And what’s better than having an actual excuse for you to stay in bed that little bit longer? Score. A good night’s sleep can work wonders for your skin and it also reduces stress.

How it Works

When your body is deprived of sleep, your stress hormones are naturally elevated. This can lead to inflammation in your body and can be particularly detrimental to young looking, healthy skin. Lack of sleep slows down the production of collagen in the body, Collagen is what helps your skin keeps its glow and reduced levels could lead to acne breakouts.

6. Adopt a Regular Skincare Routine

Once upon a time, the thought of it being the norm for men having regular skincare routines would’ve been laughed at. Well, if you want to keep looking as fresh faced as possible, you’re going to need a skincare routine . And it must be a good one too.

How it Works

You need a routine which is going to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your face. You should start by washing your face properly twice a day, at morning and at night. Use warm water and a facial cleaner that isn’t going to suck all the moisture out of your face. An exfoliator will remove all your dead skin and will unclog any pores that need attention on your face. A good moisturizer will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and will act as a barrier that protects and hydrates your skin which allows it to stay elastic and firm.

7. °CRYO (Your Secret Weapon)

Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to subzero temperatures in order to naturally stimulate physical and mental health benefits. It can treat the full body and can also target specific problem areas. Cryotherapy can be the answer if you’re looking to reduce wrinkles. Nobody wants telltale signs on their face of how old they are. Cryotherapy can reduce the visibility of those laughter lines. Regain confidence in your skin with a °CRYO Glow Facial.

How it Works

Cryotherapy skin treatments are non-invasive and work by rapidly cooling the surface of the skin. The sudden drop in temperature speeds up the body’s internal processes which can in turn reduce wrinkles and rid your body of any nasty toxins that may be trapped in there. It enhances blood flow, boosts your collagen production and removes any spots or blemishes, leaving you fully confident in your own skin.

For the best results when using cryotherapy, make sure that you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle – especially your diet. By doing this, you’ll be maximizing the chances of maintaining that youthful look you aim for.