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We’re honored to announce our partnership with Franworth, the leading investor and partner in sustainable franchising. With over 450 years of of combined franchise experience, the Franworth team has been recognized with the highest honors in franchising for repeatedly scaling brands using a franchise model. Franworth is currently partnered with other leading franchise brands including Milkshake Factory, SugaringLA, HealthSource and MosquitoNix, among others. This Franworth x Degree Wellness Partnership will help us take our self-care mission across America!

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As part of this partnership, Degree Wellness will benefit from the counsel and experience of the Franworth general partners. These partners have been CEO of such storied franchises as Pure Barre, Title Boxing, The Lash Lounge, and many others! .

Collage of Degree Wellness services, including Cryotherapy, our Halotherapy salt wall when you walk into our lobby, and Red Light Therapy
Franworth will help Degree Wellness take our self-care mission across America!

In addition to the partnership, Franworth partner and future NFL Hall of Famer, Drew Brees, will become an official spokesperson for Degree Wellness.

During my football career, proper recovery was essential to maintaining peak performance. Even now, I rely on a variety of wellness services to keep my body and brain in top shape. I believe Degree Wellness offers innovative treatments that are incredibly beneficial for overall health, and I’m thrilled to be part of making these services accessible to more people.

-Drew Brees, former NFL quarterback and future Hall of Famer
Collage of Degree Wellness services, including Infrared Sauna, Vitamin C Showers, and Cold Plunge, which can all be done together in a single service as Contrast Therapy
Degree Wellness is coming to a community near you. Are you ready for your best self?