WJXT News4Jax tries cryotherapy and cold plunge at Degree Wellness Riverside

Did you catch a glimpse of our Riverside studio on our hometown Jacksonville network, WJXT- News4Jax? Degree Wellness President, Amanda Watts Lightcap, showcases how you can beat the summer heat ☀️ while receiving endless benefits with our cold therapies, ❄️ cryotherapy and cold plunge 🧊!

Chillin’ by the Bank ❄️ with ‪@News4JAX

You’ll feel more refreshed than you felt all day long!

-Amanda Watts Lightcap, President, Degree Wellness

If freezing yourself doesn’t sound refreshing, think about this: cold therapies like Cryotherapy and Cold Plunge (the cool way to do cold water immersion, or CWI), create a natural, feel-good high. Why is that? Our body’s natural response to extreme cold is to produce more feel-good neurochemicals, like dopamine and norepinephrine. These hormones increase energy, helping improve your mood and increase focus and alertness.

Cold Plunge increases energy by boosting hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine
Get low in the plunge to get (naturally) high

But there is so much more to cold therapies. Exposure to extreme cold triggers what is known as an hormetic response by our bodies. We’ll talk more about this phenomenon of hormesis in another blog post 🤓, but for now just know that hormesis is the scientific term for the expression “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. So cold therapies can trigger hormesis in our bodies, and different triggers can trigger different benefits. Another such example involves weight loss: did you know that Cryotherapy triggers an hormetic response that is also helpful for weight management? Just listen to News4Jax:

You can burn hundreds of calories from the three minutes you’re inside the chamber.

-WJXT News4Jax
Just three minutes for hundreds of calories? Yes please 💁🏽‍♀️

Of course, many people associate cold therapies like cryotherapy and cold plunge with athletic performance and biohacking. And for good reason! Fitness recovery was one of the original use cases for cold therapies. Why do you think all of those NFL locker rooms have ice baths, and increasingly, cryotherapy chambers? Our President, Amanda, explains:

There are so many amazing benefits for cryotherapy. A lot of people just associate it with physical recovery and it is amazing for that post workout: feel better, reduce some of that muscle soreness and inflammation

From increased energy to weight loss to recovery and many more healthy lifestyle goals. There are so many benefits to Cold Therapies, that we’re just scratching the surface on this blog post. Want to learn you more about Cold Therapies at Degree Wellness? Read more here: